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Horizon Europe Challenge

Writing Horizon Europe proposals and managing Horizon Europe projects requires collaboration. Word/Excel does not provide efficient collaboration, as versions are scattered across local computers and various mailboxes. E-mailing (parts of) these documents for editing or review results in a less controlled environment with excessive e-mail exchanges.

Although solving versioning problems, a Document Management System (DMS) cannot be called truly collaborative either: documents are downloaded, local copies are created and documents are locked into the system while being edited offline.

Office 365 or Google Docs store changes at document level. There is no overview of changes and progress.


Author-e is an easy-to-learn web-based tool for collaborative proposal writing and project management in Horizon Europe. It contains collaborative authoring, document management, financial management and the possibility to create a dissemination website.

Author-e eliminates the noticeable drawbacks of file-based editing such as e-mailing versions or using a check-in/check-out mechanism.

Author-e provides a clear overview of the progress. Elaborated collaboration functionalities facilitate and simplify writing, budgeting and management.

"Author-e takes out the “horror” of co-ordinating a H2020 application: A pre-structured document empowers your co-applicants and delegates tasks in an accountable fashion for simultaneous work leading in the end to a perfect result."

Prof. Dr. Harald Schmidt, Chairman Department of Pharmacology of Maastricht University.

 Horizon Europe modules



  • Meet Horizon Europe: Create proposals according to the appropriate CSA, RIA, IA, ITN and SME templates, including the correct budget tables and the specific template instructions.
  • Real collaboration: Collaborate efficiently with participants, at any time, on any platform.
  • Real time and consistent: Texts and data are stored in a centrally managed repository and are immediately available after saving without requiring a locking mechanism.
  • Focus and overview: Participants can work on their scientific and budgetary sections, while the coordinator has a clear overview of the entire proposal.
  • Manageable: The system supports a clear division of tasks by defining assignments with deadlines and the possibility of monitoring them and sending reminders; moreover, access rights can be defined at any level.

Horizon Europe proposal writing with Author-e 

This 3-minute video shows the functionality and benefits of the proposal writing tool. Request for a quote to start the proposal tool.

Collaboration and Periodic reporting on Horizon Europe projects with Author-e 

This video shows how a Horizon Europe consortium would benefit from using Author-e as a periodic technical reporting tool. Furthermore, Author-e’s Document Management System includes a range of other collaborative functions for a geographically dispersed team.  Request for a quote to start the project suite.

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